Shenzhen sheng yi hong applied materials co., LTD and shenzhen sheng yi hong electronics co., LTD., founded in 2004, is located in shenzhen city light district of science and technology park, professional research, development, production and sales of electronic industrial adhesives, environmental protection paint welding materials, cleaning materials and lac paint equipment, dispensing glue, LEDUV curing equipment.Widely used in all kinds of consumer electronics, LED lighting, home appliances, power industry, electric motor, transformer, inductance, non-trace underwear clothing, printing, embroidery and packaging printing and other industries.Since its establishment, has been committed to become excellent domestic materials and solutions provider.
Company currently three divisions:
一、 the heat conduction glue division: professional research and development production of structural adhesive of thermal conductivity, high temperature resistant glue, potting glue, thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity of epoxy glue, conductive silver glue, PUR hot melt adhesive, non-trace underwear silver glue, hot melt adhesive, chip packages LED solid crystal glue, high temperature resistance of epoxy glue, plastic glue transformer industry special glue, plastic seal waterproof structure, filling at the bottom of the plastic, patch red plastic, the structure of the magnetic core of inductance glue, glue, AB glue, thermal conductivity potting glue, LED back light fixed glue, UV glue, thermal conductivity silica gel films, double-sided adhesive of thermal conductivity;

二、 to take off the lacquer welding division: professional research and development sales environmental protection paint, paint powder, aluminum soldering flux, cleaning agents, anti alumina special soldering tin tin line;

三、 equipment division: professional research and development production to take off the lacquer furnace, heating paint machine, high frequency to take off the paint machine, automatic paint on tin machine, all kinds of LEDUV curing machine, including LEDUV point light source, the line light source, the surface light source.
       We have always uphold professional, dedicated, the core of quality first, customer first business philosophy, constantly to provide customers with the best quality products and services.The company has a number of research and development and technical personnel and high-quality staff, with exquisite manufacturing technology and product quality control, with professional services to help customers create more value.

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